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5 Best Summer Vibe Shorts for Men | Caught A Wave Store

Check out our 5 best summer vibe shorts here at Caught A Wave Store!

We all love the summer, here at Caught A Wave store we sell various summer shorts for the men and the boys to look trendy and fashionable even at the beach.

We want people to rock the summer, to release the summer vibe within them by wearing our colorful, tactically designed, summer shorts.

Our shorts for men are designed for every occasion, may it be for a casual dinner out, summer music festivals to attend, beach escapades and travels, and normal day to day shorts.

Even though we have a great list of shorts to choose from, we all have our personal favorites. Here is Caught A Wave Store’s 5 summer vibe shorts favorites!

The list are in no order of sorts.

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5 Best Summer Vibe Shorts

  1. The Brazilian Low Cut

5 Best Summer Vibe Shorts for Men

Pattern Type: Brazilian Print

Material: Nylon,Spandex

Style: Men swim trunks

Popularity: 102 orders

This Brazilian low cut is a thing of beauty. This shorts will definitely make everyone turn their heads around when they see you wearing this hot shorts. Definitely suits every body type, and it adds sexiness to your already sexy body. Whatever type of body you have our Brazilian low cut shorts can definitely fit.

Our Score – 4/5

2. The Casual Summer/Beach Shorts

5 Best Summer Vibe Shorts for Men

Pattern Type: No pattern

Material: Cotton,Polyester


Popularity: 386 orders

The casual summer shorts is another favorite here at Caught A Wave store, with its top notch comfortable materials, it became a top choice for every men and boys out there who loves to keep it cool and simple. Design to still look fashionable, our above the knee shorts is a great outdoor bottom for anyone who have lots of energy to move around during summer.

Our Score – 4.5/5

3. Multiple Printed Design Summer Shorts

5 Best Summer Vibe Shorts for Men

Pattern Type: Floral

Material: Cotton,Linen


Popularity: 535 orders

The Floral printed shorts are very famous especially to teenagers and young adult. Sporting these printed shorts will take a bit of trick in the mix and match division, but no need to fret. A piece of advise from Caught A Wave is to wear something plain for your top. This is to avoid overpowering your OOTD with to much design.

Our Score – 5/5

4. Printed Beach Knee Length Shorts

5 Best Summer Vibe Shorts for Men

Pattern Type: Print

Material: Spandex,Cotton

Style: Casual

Popularity: 416 orders

Not fond of shorts which are above the knee? Trying to look for something trendy but at the same time comfortable. This Caught A Wave favorite in the 5 best summer vibe shorts is the best bet for you. Right length for every size, beautifully printed designs, easy to wash and wear, all in one shorts. You will love rocking your street with these short designs.

Our Score – 4.5/5

5. Summer Swimming Casual Shorts

5 Best Summer Vibe Shorts for Men


Pattern Type: Patchwork

Material: Polyester

Style: Swimwear

Popularity: 864 orders

Our last but definitely not the least favorite summer shorts are these swimming shorts. You can wear this for casual occasions and at the same time wear at the beach for swimming and summer activities. Love by many because of the comfortability in wearing it.

Our Score – 4.8/5

There you go, our top 5 list of the best summer vibe shorts. Make sure to check out all other options on our list also.

Visit our store and let us know what is your top 5 best summer vibe shorts as well.

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