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Paypal – Best Secured Online Payment Gateway | Pay Without the Need to Sign Up

Buying Online

Love a lot of products online but don’t know how to buy? Afraid of online scams? Use the best secured online payment gateway in the market!

There are lots of quality stuff and products which you can only buy online. These products are sometimes not available in the market. Some products are of course available, if you check the marketplace or if you can find the location online then it is good.

But what if the product you’re looking for or the product that suits your taste cannot be find anywhere near you? It might be available but you’ll have to travel far just to get to the product and buy it. In some cases, the product is not available elsewhere in your country.

This is where online stores connect the missing pieces and solve the buyers or customers problem. Online you can find a variety of products to buy. These products might be or might not be available near you. The products which can’t be found anywhere near your place can be delivered to your doorsteps by the use of shipping companies.

That is one good quality of an online store, they can process your orders and deliver it to your doorstep without the hassle of going outside and picking it up yourself. The problem with this kind of setup is that there are lots of problems purchasing products online.

With all the scam and information stealing, anyone can use your purchasing information to buy products online without your knowledge. So how do you protect yourself? How do you make sure that once you input your details this will not be stolen by anyone.

Best Secured Online Payment Gateway

No need to worry. With the emergence of multiple online stores, the security being held by google and multiple websites have been tight. Meaning they all want you to have a safe and secure online shopping. Here at Caught A Wave Store, we prioritize security to enhance your shopping experience and we make sure that our buyers don’t experience negative problems.

This is where our trusted and surely the best secured online payment gateway comes, Paypal. We surely believe that you have heard of Paypal. Paypal is a payment gateway that processes payments or purchase in multiple ways possible.

Before we go to that, let’s first discuss what a payment gateway is. Online payment gateways are merchant services that are provided by E-commerce applications provider to process payments online from the stores by using their credit cards or debit cards. It is a specialized financial intermediary that connects to different banks in order to process your payments online.


Paypal is one of the largest and probably the best secured online payment gateway by far, with more that 200+ million accounts worldwide. They process large numbers of payments and purchase everyday with their state of the art system.

It is secured, safe and you will be assured that your financial information will not be kept and used without your knowledge and confirmation.

With over 202 countries listed in their service and 25 currencies up to date, they make it possible for purchase  and payments to happen across different locations around the world.

You can read more about Paypal online, and you can be rest assured that they have a very secured way of processing all transactions online.

It is very easy to have an account with Paypal. Just go to their website, sign up and list one credit or debit card. Follow the instructions on how you can create all this and have your banks linked with Paypal.

Once this is done, you can make purchase or payments online without worry. Feel secured shopping online by using this payment gateway.

The best part about Caught A Wave Store

The best part about purchasing at Caught A Wave store is that we currently use Paypal as our payment gateway. Meaning your purchases and financial information are safe and secured.

We don’t have any access to it as payments will be made through Paypal.

Worried that you don’t have a Paypal account? Would love to buy something at Caught A Wave Store but doesn’t want to sign up with Paypal?

Good news to you! With Caught A Wave using Paypal as our payment gateway, you don’t need to login or sign up with Paypal. Paypal can process your payments securely and safe without the need to sign up.

With all this, trust that Paypal will put our customers financial information safe and sound for better shopping experience.

So what are you waiting for? Aside from Paypal as Caught A Wave’s secured payment gateway, we have also installed different buyer shopping protection to maximize your shopping experience.

Buy with confidence! Buy with the trusted online stores only. Happy Shopping!!

Caught A Wave Store

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