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Quick and Easy Swimming Pool Games To Try

Check out our easy swimming pool games list.

Everyone want to be out on summer and good sunny days. First stop for most people during the days where sunlight is abundant is to go somewhere where one can be exposed with the sun without hindrance.

The first choice for these is the beach side. Many people will visit the beach and coast areas to bathe in the sun, do fun beach activities or just sit and have good conversations.

The thing is, not all people will have the luxury of time to go to the beach. Some of the possible reasons why people can’t visit or go to the beach is mainly because of time constraint.

Beach or coast area might be far from their place. Lots of things to prepare if they will go visit a beach front.

With all these and many other possible reasons to not go, people opt to visit water parks or pool places. Some have swimming pools inside their houses. We have made a list of quick and easy swimming pool games to try.

Quick and Easy Swimming Pool Games

The list we have below can be played and tested with family and friends. Try using or playing one of these games and have a fun and great pool parties and family bonding.

  1. Shark race
    • This is a fun game that can be played by everyone. Just gather your participants, see who can swim the fastest from one end to another. The twist is you have to hold your breath while putting your hands above your head in hand prayer position.
  2. Find the coin
    • The 2nd game is a bit of a known game. The instructions are very easy. Prepare a coin, a real currency denominated coin. Toss it in the pool while participants gather at the side.
    • Let the coin sink to the bottom of the pool and have every participant look for it. The winner gets to keep the coin
  3. Pool Tag
    • Another popular pool game. The game instruction is very easy. Out of all the participants, one has to play as the “It” or what we call the first chaser.
    • The “It” just needs to chase anyone from the participants, and tag them. If some other participants gets touched by the “It” then becomes the new chaser. The cycle goes on until everyone is tired.
  4. Gladiator game
    • The game title sounds exciting and brutal, but the game is not. The instruction for the game is to have 2 players on each team. The two players need to choose which one will play the gladiator and the other one as the horse.
    • It is called the horse because the chosen gladiator will need to sit atop the horses shoulders.
    • Once both teams are ready, the horse will try to move closer to the opponent and once within reach gladiators will push one another until one has fallen in the pool.
    • It might be a bit physical but it is fun if played without too much force.
  5. Marco Polo pool style
    • This classic game can be played inside the pool as well. Again, one participant needs to be the “It”. The “It” this time will have to cover his/her eyes with a cloth.
    • The “It” will then count one to five (depending on how long you want it to be) and then once the count starts everyone will move around the pool to get the best position away from the “It”
    • After the count ends, everyone will have to freeze and stop moving. This time, the “It” will have to find the participants and if he/she touches someone, the “It” needs to guess who that person.
    • If the “It” guesses right, then the person caught will be the next “It” if not it will retain and they will have to start all over again.

These five fun games are tried and tested for generations. You can also try this with your family and friends. A word of caution, always be mindful when playing inside the swimming pool, you would want to play in a shallow pool to avoid accidents.

What are you waiting for? Try these fun games and make your summer much more enjoyable. For summer and swimming apparels you can check out our store.

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